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If you need an equipment shelter that can be customised to your needs, we are the company you should turn to. To date, we have delivered equipment shelters of various sizes, ranging from 30–150 m2 to multiple locations across the Nordic region.

Our custom-made solutions are used in all industrial areas, and if necessary, they can also be built on-site if the area is hard to reach or transport to.


Thanks to our highly developed building technology, we can offer sustainable and safe equipment shelters for all industries with the highest quality materials and maximum service life.

Our equipment shelters include

  • Electrical installation and other electrical work
  • Backup power plants
  • Air source heat pumps and heat blowers
  • Foundation girders and cable trenches
  • Furnishing
  • Assembly

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Not sure which equipment shelter would suit you best?

No problem. Our experienced team at Esari will help you find the right one. Fill out the contact form below or call us, and we will answer your questions. Please also let us know which of the models you are interested in.

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