Esari’s new managing director Patrik Knutar brings extensive construction industry experience to the table

Patrik Knutar will take up his post as Esari’s new managing director on 1 May 2022. Knutar is a construction engineer with extensive experience from various roles in the construction industry.

Knutar summarises his work experience: “I have worked as a construction site manager, as a production foreman at a house factory and as a maintenance foreman at the Port of Kokkola. At the Port, I was in charge of infrastructure maintenance and learned about the developer’s role in investment projects.”

From the Port of Kokkola, Knutar moved on to become the technical director of the municipalities of Kaustinen and Veteli, until this joint position was discontinued and Knutar remained the technical director of the Kaustinen municipality only. His latest role was as CEO of Kokkolan Autoilijat.

Ari Rauma, Esari’s outgoing managing director and one of its two founders, values Knutar’s versatility.

“Knutar’s broad work experience at construction sites and in factory production, infrastructure construction and municipal technical management played a major part in him being selected as the new managing director. Patrik was also already familiar with Esari as a company. He lives in the company’s hometown Kaustinen, and his childhood home was in the nearby village of Terjärv. So he is well set up for success”, says Rauma.

In his youth, around the turn of the millennium, Knutar had a summer job working for an Esari subcontractor, installing equipment shelters around Finland.

“We would sometimes also pitch in at Esari’s factory during peak season when they needed an extra hand. This was some time ago, of course, but I still know a lot of people in the company’s production and management”, Knutar explains.

Exports and new markets drive growth

Patrik Knutar
Patrik takes on new challenges

As the company’s new managing director, Knutar wants to contribute to Esari’s success story.

“It’s so important that Esari has been able to keep renewing itself and continuing to find new niches in the Finnish market over the years. The company has also gained a foothold in the Swedish market, and, as part of the Swedish technology group Lagercrantz Group AB, Esari is even better equipped to grow its export business. The idea of taking all this further is what made joining Esari so enticing”, Knutar explains.

In the energy industry and many other industries, the goals of sustainable development offer ample opportunities for infrastructure constructors. Esari has expanded its offering from traditional telecom equipment shelters to railway and safety device shelters and wind farm equipment shelters: “These products give Esari a welcome boost and introduce new growth opportunities.”

Knutar is confident that he will learn Esari’s ways quickly. As one of his first steps, he intends to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s market.

“Esari’s employees are highly competent and committed. I’m sure that, with their help, we will continue to move forward in no time.”

Knutar already knows how he will make use of his broad experience in the construction industry. Every previous job has taught him something valuable.

“I understand how public administration works and how decisions are made. I can also use my experience at construction sites to benefit Esari employees and customers. Thanks to my experience in maintenance, I can look at investment projects from the developer perspective as well.

“Not only that”, he says, “but I will of course also be able to make good use of my network of contacts from previous years.”


A big thank you to all the clients, partners and stakeholders for working with me over the years to build Esari’s story!

Ari Rauma

My Voyage

My career and my life’s work as an entrepreneur can be compared to a multi-stage sea voyage.

When I set sail without any sailing or navigation training, with a vocational school background, I couldn’t even imagine where it would take me. I started out with a small boat – full of enthusiasm and full speed ahead across the ocean, the destination clear on the horizon.

As the voyage progressed, the size of the boat grew, and more skilled rowers and bowmen were needed.

The trip has had serene and clear days, when the trip went smoothly with small movements at the helm. These days I could take a deep breath, enjoy the rhythm of the rowing and the seafood.

As always, at sea the boat has also faced storms and dangers. In stormy moments I have stayed awake and trusted my instincts. Avoiding dangerous shallows has required a strong grip on the helm.

As the storms subsided and the sky brightened, I was able to check the direction again from the stars and from the lights of the lighthouse. There have been many valuable lighthouses along the way that I have been able to rely on.

However, the sea is fickle. As quickly as it gives, it can also take. During my voyage I have lost many good rowers who will remain in my memories forever.

Along our voyage, with determined work the small boat has been made more seaworthy, until after almost thirty years of travelling it has now arrived in the port of Stockholm.

This boat, which has withstood waves and storms, is now equipped with strong Lagercrantz sails as well as navigation equipment that will allow the next Captain to steer the ship to new seas, towards new challenges.

I wish him and the wonderful crew good luck on the journey as well as favorable winds. Personally, I will stay in familiar waters and continue as a member of the board of Esari.

I am proud and grateful for this memorable voyage, and I want to thank all the rowers and lighthouse keepers who helped me during my voyage.

A big thank you to my loved ones who have patched my sails and kept them clean along the way.

29th of April 2022

Ari Rauma

Patrik Knutar

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