Esari and Fortum team up to install boiler plant in Mankkaa

Fortum and Equinix have agreed that Equinix’s two data centres in Espoo will supply all their waste heat to Fortum’s district heating system. This project required the equipment shelter supplier to deliver more than just an electric boiler container on a tight schedule; it needed to be a complete entity that included all necessary technical equipment fitted into a small container.

The Mankkaa project had many unique requirements. The aim was to deliver a turnkey container solution designed by Fortum’s experts. The containers were assembled in the supplier’s factory and then transported to Espoo, where they were mounted on a pre-built foundation.

Challenging projects is Esaris forte

Otto Schütt, project manager of Fortum’s heating and cooling business, says that Fortum chose Esari as their partner mainly because of their ability to take on such complex and challenging projects. Esari also offers a wide range of services, including assembling containers and installing all necessary HVAC equipment, instrumentation, and electrical systems.

The container is small in external dimensions but contains a lot of technology. “Mankkaa’s CHC boiler plant has ten times the amount of technology compared to a conventional plant room,” says Patrik Knutar, CEO of Esari.

According to him, constructing equipment shelters and containers indoors gives Esari a clear competitive advantage as the building and weather conditions are always optimal. Many industrial projects are carried out indoors as an alternative to traditional construction with modular buildings on site. Everything that can be made in-house is done in-house.

Professional management and planning

The cooperation has worked very well, especially when changes were necessary. Esari has been very proactive in suggesting ways of improving the project, which has been very valuable and helped the project run more smoothly

According to Otto Schütt, Esari’s commitment and activeness in the project were a positive surprise. The team’s willingness to tackle unforeseen challenges and produce creative solutions was particularly impressive. Another positive surprise was their openness, which was a great asset to the collaboration.

The accuracy and efficiency with which they managed the schedule were very impressive.

Knutar says that by choosing Esari, Fortum received free project management as part of the package, which included coordination of the overall project and all installations.

Esari’s expertise and experience added more value to the project. The management and ideas for changes mentioned above also positively affected the project’s progress.

Esari has a good network of subcontractors, and the parts of the project that couldn’t be done in-house were subcontracted to specialised companies. The Vetel-based companies LVI Klemola Oy and Peltisepänliike Nykänen Oy took care of the plumbing and piping for the containers, respectively.

The perfect solution for the customer’s needs

Schütt explains that Esari stands out from other suppliers. Other companies traditionally offer off-the-shelf equipment that has to be configured to fit Fortum’s needs. Esari, on the other hand, built the electric boiler containers according to Fortum’s drawings and requirements.

Schütt summarises why he would recommend Esari to others: “Esari offers complete and customised solutions. They carefully consider the customer’s expectations and technical requirements and create a solution that fully meets the customer’s individual needs.”

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